Posted on Feb 17, 2014

We are pleased to announce the arrival of some gorgeous, unique models that we absolutely love!

If its jazzy colours, as well as modern designs, and superb comfort, then check out the Zen, and the Zurich.  Mushroom, Black and Red are the colours for the Zurich, and the Zen has a lovely Deep Blue, Black or White.  Both chairs are an exceptional sit.

If its a top-of-the-range, High Grade Semi-Aniline leather on a dual motor Riser Recliner, then look no further that the elegant and delicious Wiltshire.  This is an exceptional value chair of the highest quality, with a very soft sit, and lovely high quality leather.

At the budget end of the range, have a look at the Tuscany and Milan.  Both surprisingly comfortable at this price, a good size chair that fits me well, and the Milan even has massage in the seat and backrest - not bad for £179!

In the middle of the range we have chosen the Belmont - at £349, this is a real bargain.  Big enough for the larger ones amongst us, and cosy enough for the more dinky ones, the clean, simple and elegant lines of the Belmont are so attractive to the eye.

And look out for the top of the range gorgeous Charlton!

As always, why not give me a call - perhaps I can help to narrow down your choices, and find the best chair for your needs.

Jonathan 01934 750110 or 07894 683672

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Complete peace of mind when buying a recliner chair

Posted on Jul 08, 2013


We pride ourselves on offering our customers only the best prices for our leather, fabric and riser recliner chairs. So much so that if you find the same recliner chair for less, we will refund you the difference! Don't forget, the delivery charges that other companies add on are FREE at Leather Seats Online, and we don't have the overheads such as rent, rates or labour costs that retail furniture stores attract.


All our recliner chairs come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 24 month warranty on any defect that is a manufacturing fault. We carry spare parts so can quickly fix something, or we offer full refunds or replacements. With Leather Seats Online you will find an expert service and excellent after sales support.

"Hello Jonathan, Just a quick line to say thank you very much for sending the replacement part for our Neptune chairs. it fitted easily as you said it would. - Steve"

We have a friendly refund policy - if you are not happy with your purchase, contact us and we will arrange collection and refund. (The original box is required.) We will email you when we have received the return, and credit you within a short amount of time.


Once we have received your payment, delivery via courier is usually just a few working days, and often the next day, depending on your location, the model and stock levels in our depot - keeping vast amounts of stock costs money and pushes up prices! We will talk about a suitable delivery date with you, and if we are out of stock at any time, we will offer you a refund or to wait until the stock delivery, usually only a couple of weeks.

"Just wanted to get in touch to thank you for the first class service on this delivery. I very much appreciated that you could get the chair to me at the weekend very quickly after I had ordered and that the couriers forwarded the expected delivery times so that I knew when to be home. Thanks again, Karen"

Contact Jonathan today by email or telephone to help you find your perfect recliner or chair.

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Extra! Extra! Matching Side Tables

Posted on Jun 04, 2013


Have you already bought or are thinking of buying the MARS or NEPTUNE Cassini range of Leather Recliners? Probably our most popular chairs in genuine soft high grade leather, offering comfort and elegance, ideal as all rounders for nearly all heights and weights. They have a swivel of 360 degrees with a rolling headrest that adjusts itself forward as you recline. If you want to fix the chair in position then just tighten the adjusting knobs - nothing could be simpler. The price includes the footstool and delivery. These leather recliner chairs are available in three colours - cream, chestnut and chocolate, and in Cherry wood or Natural.

A great addition to the range is the Cherry wood SIDE TABLE that fixes to the arm of the chairs and swings out of the way whenever you want it to. Very easy to assemble, it can be positioned on the right or left hand side. Use it for drinks and biscuits, keeping remote controls, computer mouse or your reading glasses on, and it has many other uses. Can really make a difference!

Want to know more? Call Jonathan on 07894 683672 or 01934 750110 and have a chat, or order from the extras tab.

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Invest in your Leather

Posted on May 02, 2013

So you have made an investment in a chair or sofa in beautiful leather - take care of it, and it will last for a long, long time. In order to preserve and maintain the strength, beauty and flexibility of leather, a routine should be set up - just a few minutes a week will keep it in pristine condition. Before you start to use your furniture regularly, use a leather protection cream to create an invisible shield to protect against stains. Dust regularly when you dust your room, and a quick vacuum once a month or so will remove all the debris and dust in the crevices, including all the crumbs from your morning biscuits! To keep the leather supple use a leather cleaner which will remove stains and also remove surface grime - this leather cleaner can also be used once a year to thoroughly clean whether it seems to need it or not, keeping your chair looking like new.

Stains - get to them quickly and use just water to wipe off the surface - don't use household products or detergents which may be abrasive. Invest in a good leather cleaning kit to clean stubborn marks and a pen and ink remover for emergencies.

Leather Master are renowned as a world leader in leather protection and cleaning, and leatherseatsonline are pleased to be able to stock their product. The kit includes the following:

  • 150ml Leather Protection Cream which creates an invisible shield to protect leather and vinyl against premature ageing and damaging stains.
  • 150ml Leather Soft Cleaner to keep the leather supple and your chair looking like new.
  • 8ml Ink Away for biro and other inks - for those inevitable emergencies!
  • A sponge and a soft cloth – should be all you need!
  • This kit should provide you with everything you need to keep your leather in first class condition.

It can be true that the older your leather gets, the better it looks. The look and feel of leather will actually improve over time, and your furniture will develop a depth of colour with natural beauty coming through - as long as you take just a little care!

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10 Good reasons to go to Leather Seats Online

Posted on Apr 02, 2013

Here are 10 Good Reasons to go to Leather Seats Online

  • a reputation for seats of quality at an exceptional price.
  • personal and superb customer service - just pick up the phone to talk to Jonathan.
  • lower prices than anywhere else or your money back, plus regular sale offers.
  • sensible opening times - the phone lines are open from 0900 to 2230.
  • experience - the owners have over 20 years experience in the business, and really care about their customers!.
  • an extensive choice of products, all sourced personally.
  • free delivery on products.
  • 14 day money back guarantee.
  • 12 month defect warranty on all products.

At Leather Seats Online, we pride ourselves on our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction....

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Great New Stock!

Posted on Mar 05, 2013

We at leatherseatsonline went to the show at the NEC to find some great new chairs to supplement our range of stock. We discounted several chairs as not being to our standards, and ended up choosing the following:


A terrific budget model, very comfortable to sit in and the shape will suit most heights and weights (up to 115 kgs). We were very impressed with this one and it will be a good alternative to the Shanghai, with a clean elegant style that will not clash with anything.

Available in cream, or a rather nice Espresso! In PU, but don’t let that put you off, you would have a job to tell! Expect a price of £195.


Now here is a find! A massage chair at a low cost, the comfort is remarkable for a chair priced at this end of the market. This one will sell and sell.

Expected selling price will be about £249.


A departure from swivel recliner chairs, this chair is gorgeous. The material looks georgous, and it is a classic occasional chair, that is very comfortable to sit in.

Expect a price of around £249.


Now we are into the realm of modern, classy, but it's best feature? COMFORT! This is perfect, and Tina and I both classed this as our favourite for comfort and style. In high quality semi-aniline leather, we will recommend this one all day long!

Available in black leather, expect a price of £469.


Again, this one is a great find – very soft and comfortable, the Richmond wraps itself around you; very conducive to 40 winks, which actually appeared to happen. Must have been the early start…

Also available in soft fabric to be priced at about £299. Wonderful features, such as the round base is elegantly molded – very smart!


Another terrific find, we could not get over how simple yet perfect this chair is. So very comfortable…

Available in bonded leather or fabric, it is sure to be a winner at about £249.


With any luck, this has whetted your appetite - good searching for your perfect chair, and don't forget we offer a personal service - we should know what we are talking about by now!


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Annual Furniture Show 2013

Posted on Feb 12, 2013

After a very early start, we arrived at the NEC at 0900, ready to tramp their halls (after a quick coffee and a roll of course!) looking for this year's new and best models.

After an hour or two slogging around looking for chairs with that certain “je ne sais quoi”, we arrived at one particular supplier whose products immediately caught our eye. The chairs looked good, but the acid test is the comfort, so we both started the “comfort tests”!

This took us at least 2 hours, focusing on our standard criteria:

  • shape – does it fit both Tina at 5’5” and me at 5’11”
  • style, is it modern or traditional, will it suit todays' buyers?
  • Is the quality of manufacture of a high standard, no threads hanging down, is the welding of a high standard?
  • And most importantly – is it COMFORTABLE?

We quickly discounted several chairs as not being comfy enough, and ended up choosing a selection.

All of these will be introduced in the very near future, and we look forward to our first reviews on them. A full description will be on the website soon. We are very confident that we have chosen wisely for you, and, as always, we will service your enquiries into our range with honesty and patience.



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When Should I Choose an Electric Riser or Recliner?

Posted on Dec 21, 2012

Electric recliners are simple to use – they are ideal for those who need a little assistance when getting up from their seat – a simple touch of a button will lift you to a standing position, or help you put your feet up and relax. Although manual recliners are smooth and easy to use, most need you to push down on the footrest to bring the position to upright and will take you no further than normal seated position. A riser will lift you to a standing position without effort – if you are a little wobbly on your legs, consider the electric riser/recliners.

All our chairs are chosen for their smooth operation and comfort for the whole body, with excellent back and leg support. The chairs with motorised mechanisms will gently lift you without fuss and will give years of comfort. We have chosen stylish designs in neutral colours that are chic and classic and will complement every home. They are made of hardwearing fabric or leather and have been chosen for their outstanding quality.

Each chair comes with a 12 month warranty. Just give us a call for advice on choosing your chair and discuss your requirements.

A winning combination of strength, durability and comfort makes our electric riser/recliner chairs first class – all you will need to do is put up your feet and relax!

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New Models coming soon!

Posted on Dec 10, 2012

Look out for the lovely Oslo in fabric or leather, the budget Avant Garde at an incredible price, and the fabulous Alpine in fabric or soft semi-aniline leather.

The Berne in full semi-aniline is superb, black with chrome on a round base – veeeerrry classy!

We also have 3 new Riser-Recliners for you – Cambridge in Biscuit Mosaic fabric, the Oxford in Hazelnut or Chocolate PU and the dual-motor classic Warwick.

Check back to see these new models – available in December and January!

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Begin the Year in style!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013

Leather Seats Online have been to the other side of the world and have brought back three new lines arriving very soon. Have a look at what’s on offer and why not treat yourself? Owners Jonathan and Tina say that they will not sell anything that they would not have in their own home, and their products are all at affordable prices. They also provide great personal service.

So – the new stock! There is the fabulous Alpine in fabric or soft semi-aniline leather, and two riser-recliners, Cambridge in biscuit mosaic fabric, and the Oxford in chocolate fabric or hazelnut PU.

The ALPINE is a a fully upholstered swivel recliner where the footrest pops up when you recline. A classic design that is incredibly comfortable, perfect for people of any height, it is available in a suedette fabric in nutmeg colour or in cream, chocolate or red in soft semi-aniline leather, and will fit with any room decor. Semi-aniline leather is more durable than aniline whilst still retaining a natural appearance.

The OXFORD is the ultimate in comfort letting you recline or get out of your chair easily – a motorised recliner which works at the touch of a button, enabling you to recline gently to your most comfortable position while at the same time raising the footrest. If you need to stand from your sitting position without effort just push the button and the chair lifts you to a near standing position. Available in chocolate fabric or hazelnut PU it is stylish and comfortable – you may never want to get up again! Don’t be put off by the use of Polyurethane, it is hard wearing and tough.

The CAMBRIDGE is a similar chair – a luxury riser recliner that works by pressing one button, reclining to your choice while raising the footrest. Using the button the opposite way raises the seat to assist you to a near standing position making it easier to get out of the chair. Very practical and very comfortable, it is available in biscuit mosaic fabric. You can choose fabric safely if you go for this one which is easy clean.

Each chair comes with a 12 month warranty. Just call for advice on choosing your chair and to discuss your requirements – our personal service is free!

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So you have made an investment in a chair or sofa in beautiful leather - take care of it, and...

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Here are 10 Good Reasons to go to Leather Seats Online a reputation for seats of quality at an exceptional...
“We are very pleased with the comfort and quality of our "his & hers" chairs and above all would like to than you Jonathan for your help and guidance. After sales service deserves more praise than the chairs if only that were possible - we shall recommend you without hesitation.”